Scrolling movies in Infuse 5 vs Infuse 4


I have both version on the aTV.

On Infuse 4, I can rapidly scroll down the movies (shown as posters, I don’t like “list view”). There are like a scale made of dots that allow it, when sliding on the far right of the remote control.

On Infuse 5, that option disappeared. Having hundreds of movies, it is quite annoying, even though the scrolling is configured on fast on the aTV remote control.

Scrolling should perform the same in v4 and v5, though v5 hides the right scroll bar for aesthetic reasons.


As mentioned before, it doesn’t work. I just checked it again.

The faster scrolling works fine for me in the new version, it just doesn’t show the row of dots. The speed is still there.

It’s not as fast as it was before the dots were hidden in an update. I could quickly navigate from top to bottom through 2000+ files with a small gesture on the right side of the remotes touchpad. Now I have to use a flicking motion to start the fast scrolling or should I say somewhat faster scrolling. Then continue that motion until repeditative stress syndrome kicks in. It’s definetly not working correctly. I’m running Infuse Pro 5.4.1 on tvOS 10.2.1(14W585a)

5.4.2 installed and still not as fast as it is on 4.x
Please restore the dots so it might work properly.

I believe they are taking a page from Apple’s playbook. Aesthetics over functionality. It’s a shame because we have been waiting a long time for better scrolling in TVOS and now that it’s hear they cripple it.

Thanks for your feedback.

We’ll be bringing the index bar back in the next update.

Great news James. Thanks

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