Scrollbar for long text descriptions on Apple TV

Congratulations and thanks for the universal 7.0 update! Looks great!

As I had requested already previously:
Metadata overview tags - #11 by chiaroscuro,
it would be perfect if you could add a scrolling bar in Mac TVOS for longer text overview, like it exists already in iOS and MacOS.

Thanks a lot indeed!

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Is there any possibility to add the scroll bar to metadata detail text overview in Infuse 7 for AppleTV? As it is right now, it cuts longer metadata text descriptions. The scroll bar works fine in the Infuse7 iOS and MacOS apps.
Much appreciated. I am very happy with the new 7.x app, thanks for all the work you invest!

On ATV if you want to see all the text, you move to the description and press select and the full text is then displayed.

No. Not if you have longer text descrptions, reviews, analysis etc as I have.

You can scroll the text on Infuse iOS and MacOS (and Emby AppleTV), but not yet on Infuse ATV

That’s what I mean (on Infuse7 iOS)

Dang! It almost looks like it’d almost be easier to just read the book instead of watching the movie!


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Ah. That makes it clearer on the problem.

I guess I just don’t have long enough descriptions to see the problem.

There are some serious film students out there :slight_smile:

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Thanks for Infuse 7.0.3. It gets better every time!

One more attempt to come forward with my request. I just wonder whether this is very complicated to implement in Infuse ATV.

The first two screenshots show Emby ATV. It does have a scrollbar in detail overview, but not yet a filter for the < br > tags Emby itself suggests to enable line breaks.

Infuse (next two screenshots) does have the filters (thanks so much!!), but Infuse ATV misses yet the scrollbar that DOES exist in the iOS and MacOS versions. Is it complcated to introduce this function into ATV as well??

One last attempt to come forward with my request.

I really appreciate all the work done on the Infuse apps.

I just would like to know whether this minor adjustment of metadata detail view (possibility to scroll the text) in Infuse AppleTV (as this exists already in Infuse iOS and MacOS) is something that can be done in the future (hopefully soon), or whether it is not in your planning at all.

Thanks in advance for a short feedback

Hello James,

when you changed the title of my posting a while ago, I had hopes that my request would make it in the future, but since then, no status tag has been added at all, I have to assume that this not in any future planning?

Thanks all your efforts!