Scripts enabled, itunes not loading

I see that there have been a few posts regarding this issue previously, but as of yet I have not seen a working response.

When running seasonpass (newest version from firecore official site), the software properly downloads and appears to patch the firmware. The Apple TV2 unit goes into DFU mode just fine (using menu+play/pause) and is detected by Seasonpass, but when all of the instructions indicate that iTunes should load and automatically install the "patched" firmware, only Finder opens to the location of the patched firmware ipsw.

I have manually restored the firmware using the option+restore method (selecting the patched firmware from my home directory). When iTunes reports that the Apple TV2 is restored, I disconnect the Atv2 from my machine, start the "boot tethered" mode in seasonpass, reconnect with USB and power, enter DFU mode, and everything appears to operate as expected; however, SSH connections are still being refused on the Atv2 (after hooking up HDMI and going through initial setup of language and Wifi network).

I have tried removing seasonpass and the initially downloaded firmware from ~/Documents/Tether, reinstalling, and repeating the procedures.

As a last ditch effort, I tried fiddling with the sequence in which I connect USB/power/enable DFU during the tethered boot, but no luck.

Does the automation script perform some other secondary step during the restore process that I'm missing when manually restoring? What privileges does the automation script require to successfully execute (I'm running as a lower privileged user after installing seasonpass with admin privileges)? Anything else I'm missing that would prevent the firmware ipsw from being patched properly? Has anyone experienced this problem AND found a successful workaround? 

I'm considering purchasing aTV flash (black), but I will not do so until I can at least get the jailbreak working. I'm a relatively tech savvy user, so technical detail in responses will be understood.

EDIT: I did ensure that scripts were enabled during the seasonpass install process and each subsequent execution of the software.