Screensaver with NAS - Pictures

Hello, I have a question about Screensaver. Is it possible to use my own pictures on NAS with the Apple Screensaver in combined with your MediPlayer or is there an other way to do this? Thank yor for your help. Matthias


I have this question too… using Photo Stream at the moment, but very limited due to 30 days limitation and it shows random images I take with my iPhone. Need to choose a folder from images stored on the NAS. 


It is possible, and it is actually quite easy… It just involves a few steps. First of all, you have to create a Flickr account, upload your pictures to Flickr, then select it through the system menu to be the screensaver. It works quite well… the pictures stay forever, and you can upload as many pictures as you want. So you’ll have a vast library of photos going through your screensaver

That’s not the solution that is asked for, since when has Flickr got anything to do with a NAS? As far as I know a free Flickr account is limited to only 200 pictures. 

It shouldn’t be that hard to embed this into Firecore and has been asked numerous times.

Thanks Bbboy, but I dont think this is a suitable solution at all. Isn’t Flickr public? I dont want to upload all my photos to an online service, especially if they are public. And especially since my photos are 1ft away from the ATV on my NAS! And because its about 30Gb in size. So ATV Flash really does need a suitable solution to choose a NAS folder, and not rely on Flickr. 


Thanks for all the ideas!

I’ll move this over to the suggestions section and see what we can do.

Hi. Just wondered if anyone from Firecore has anything to say about this. e.g do you think its something you will add in the near future? I think the Pictures aspect of Media can do with a lot of improvement, including this. Here are some suggestions which take into account multiple folders and sub-folders:-

  1. Choose an image from the folder and its sub-folders to show for the parent folder… I have just the no-images image showing because I have my images in sub-folders in sub-folders. Its not possible for me to put an image in everyone I have hundreds and they are the result of an export from Aperture. So if no image exists it should go into the next sub-folder etc. 

  2. Perhaps an option to choose the folder image from images to override option 1

  3. If I click Play Slideshow I cant see anywhere to choose whether its random or what not? 

  4. When playing a slideshow it should be possible to choose a parent folder and have a slideshow of all the images in all the subfolders. For example, I have my folders setup by Month, e.g. Family -> 2012 -> April (with all months and years) so I should be able to choose Family and it starts a slideshow of all images in all subfolders under this. instead I can only see slideshows my month. 

5) AppleTV slideshows need to be able to choose a folder from the NAS drive, and also be able to perform number 4 above, i.e. I can choose Family and it shows all images in all sub-folders. This is in bold as its my original post!

P.S. I tried the Flickr idea but for some reason it only shows 45 images in the folder. Never more. Is this intentional, a Flickr issue? But anyway, I dont want to use Flickr due to unneccessary bandwidth and Flickr limitations and it being public, just wanted to mention that issue. 

Thanks a lot


BUMP - Any more news on this ? It is something I really want as well 8)

Bump again, me too, this is the main reason i want to flash my atv1, I cant see how its any harder than reading audio files from my NAS

Is this an option now or are Firecore still working on it?