Screensaver since update

Since the last Update, after a while watching a movie, the screensaver in my apple TV is stating?
Is this a known bug?
In the background there i still the movie sound.
Please help :frowning:


That is truly bizarre! Have you tried restarting the Apple TV?

Sounds like the ATV doesn’t know Infuse is running. If the restart doesn’t help you may have to delete and re-install Infuse but before you do that see if someone else has any insight…

Try the restart of the ATV first though since that doesn’t delete anything and it may slap some sense into your ATV.

No, i will restart tomorrow and try again.
I will reply what happened.

I’ve had that same problem for ages. Really annoying. I ended up turning off the screensaver altogether…

Did a restart help with this?

If not, please let us know which version of tvOS (check in Settings > General > About) and Infuse (check in Infuse > Settings) you are using.

It looks like the restart helped.
I have to try it with more Movies at the weekend.

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