Screensaver and Diashow Bug

Hi I found a new Bug.

If the screensaver or a Diashow is running and you will press menue on the Apple Remote the Apple tv loses the HDMI Output Signal. Black Monitor on the TV.
After I will Press menue and down I will get the Signal back after the reboot of the ATV.

Occurs also with the new Maintance Release.

Support request (#18891) submitted.

same here :frowning:

same here  :frowning:

I have the same problem. Is there a solution for this problem?

Until now I don’t get a statisfying answer.

Hi Folks,

I have the same issue also - lose HDMI whenever the screensaver comes on, only solution seems a reboot!

Hope this is resolved soon!

This issue has been fixed in today’s Beta7 update.

Details here: