Screen resolution changes


When I’m in the Nito TV menu, after a 10-15 seconds my screen resolution changes and I can’t read everyhing on my screen anymore. This only happens in the Nito TV Menu. It happens in all submenu’s from Nito as well.

If I return to main menu, after 3 seconds the screen resolution goes back to normal. I did not have this issue before 4.0.5.

Are you playing a video file when this issue occurs or just browsing through the menus? What resolution is your AppleTV currently set to?

It only occurs when I’m browsing to the Nito TV menu. In other menu’s I have no problem.

Which resolution are you starting with, and what does it change to?

How can I check my resolution?

I have a 50" Kuro. It starts with a high resolution (don’t know which one) and changes to a lower one. I can’t read everything anymore in that resolution.

It sounds like it could be hardware issue. You may try using an alternate HDMI cable.

Strange thing is that I didn’t had the problem in a previous version of aTV Flash. I use a brand new HDMI cable with golden connections.