Screen goes black for awhile after leaving 4k HDR playback

New user of Apple TV and Infuse, have everything working pretty well. But have one issue for which I need some advice.

I have an LG OLED and ATV 4K set with 4K SDR, and match format / dynamic range. When I start playing a 4K movie the screen blanks momentarily, which I expect. But I’ve noticed when I stop playing the video, I return to the media info page as expected - but then the screen goes black for 5-10 seconds, then returns to normal.

I don’t know whether this is normal behavior or not… suppose it could be a long time switching back from playback format/range, or maybe even HDMI handshake. Does this happen to others, is there a setting or something I might have missed in the settings? Thanks in advance.

This is normal. It’s just the TV switching back to SDR and 60hz. My LG OLED does the same thing.

Really new TV’s oled needs that long time? my panasonic gt30 plasma needs 2s.

It appears so. The delay is there regardless of hardware device.

On my b8 Oled it takes less than a second to switch back to SDR 60 on any file. I do remember chroma being a problem when I used 444 taking its time to switch back so just use 420.

The chroma setting definitely makes the difference here… using 4:2:0 makes it go away. Don’t know yet if a cable issue or if my C8 just doesn’t like 4:4:4, I’ll try swapping to a new cable next time I pull the TV out.

To be honest it doesn’t personally bother me using 420 since all movies are shot in 420, although 444 does make the Apple GUi sharper.

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