Screen control lock for iPhone/iPad

A function than when set, will lock out any changes like volume, playback or brightness changes being made via the touch screen interface.

My reasoning for this function is that I often play very long files, as long as 10 hours.  These have audio but no video and I often carry the phone in my pocket while listening.  I can't lock the device because the application stops playing.  Keeping the device in my pocket but unlocked means that the program often pauses, stops, rewinds, changes volume, etc, due to small touches to the face of the device.

If there were a way to lock out the playback controls temporarily this would cure this issue.

Another small suggestion would be a way to turn off video completely, to save battery life if the user is just listening and not watching.

Thanks for a great product!


My 2 years old daughter is using infuse to play cartoons. But she don’t understand (yet:) ) that cannot touch the screen to i.e. not stop, rewind the video or mute the sound.
The solution would be to add Lock Button. If i.e. User press the Lock Button for two seconds all controls are locked. To unlock user must again press the Lock Button for two seconds. Simple and usefull:)

Rgds, zusu.

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Id love a screen lock feature like netflix does so that I don’t accidentally hit buttons when I’m watching on my phone.

i need screen lock when i use my phone or ipad to watch movies

Second this. Very necessary function, especially for iPads.

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