Screen Capture?

Not sure if this is already possible, but if so I have not found it?  It would be useful if there was an easy way to take a screen capture of the ATV2 screen at any point so that when reporting an issue a copy of the ATV2 screen contents at the time can also be included.  I know there is a utility that can be installed via nitoTV for achieving this, but it might be useful if one was installed either as standard with aTV Flash (black) or was one of the thirdy party option listed under the Mainteance menu.

Failing installing something a support note documenting how to achieve this would be an acceptable alternbative.


the nitoTV screencapture tool does not work here on my atv2. dunno why.

something like the screenshot tool in the iphone, where you press HOME + ON/OFF to capture the current screen.


i managed to get it to work on my atv2.


i installed screencapture via nitoTV (V0.8, 17.oct.11).


to capture a screen, i use the somehow inconvenient, but more or less available way of using my iphone to trigger the process (and then save the captured image file to a specific location)


i use iSSH on my iPhone to configure a SSH connection to my atv2:
























as a command, which is automaticly executed when the connection to the atv2 is done,

i use:

/usr/bin/screencapture;mv /private/var/root/Screenshot.png /private/var/mobile/Documents/screenshot_atv2_date +%y%m%d-%H%M%S.png;exit 


which creates a screenshot with the screencapture  command, and then moves the created file from the automaticly taken location to the location i’d like it to wait for me to download via i.e. ftp.

i also rename the screenshot with the current date, as the installed screencapture comand will only create identical filenames and therefore will overwrite older ones.


maybe that will someone help. if not, it will help me to remember what i did and how :slight_smile:




Well, nice done bro! But my screenshots just be Black when execute the command via iSSH??? Any clue? I´m on fw 5.0.1 iPhone 4S and 4.4.4 on ATV 2. (ATV2 jailbroken and the iPhone 4S not jailbroken)


well, unfortunately, here too :frowning:

something must have been changed the with last couple of “apt-get upgrades”, which i’m not aware of, sorry.


any ideas/hints are very welcome.


Hmmmm…well I´m a n00b on this one! So I put my hope on you mate!

Think its possible for You to find a way to solve it though?

I´ll do my best to search around too of coz.

BTW! U can capture screenies from ATV2 default app right? 

And black screenies in 3 part apps??? Or?

(sad, but) true.

SO sad!
Any chance you gonna continue work on a solution?
Or have you give it up?

I never had started… :slight_smile:

Ahhh… So its not you who has write the command??
If not, where u find it? Maybe possible to find the dev!?!

Found a interesting site →
Check it and let me know if You find out any solution/hints as can help us with this black screen issue.

I’m using Remote HD since a year, but “All content shown on your Apple TV2 will also be displayed on your iPhone. You can use the default iPhone screen capture buttons (sleep + Home).” (quote website) did never worked as expected… its too much fiddeling to get to the point where you have an actual screen to press the screen capture hotkeys on the iphone.

I use Remote HD as well. And its same for me. Black screens shows up in i.g. XBMC etc. Bummer.

I am new to aTV Flash (black) and trying to figure out how to take a screenshot (screen capture). I have aTV Flash now installed on my Gen 2, and see in NitoTV that there’s an app called screen capture. I’m installing it now but don’t (yet) know how to use it.