Screen always lags when playing


You can directly download the jpg file and rename it to MOV file extension to see what happens on my iPhone.
The reason I do that is MOV file extension is not allowed in this forum. One more thing, I’m streaming it from
my plex server and it works pretty well using the official plex app(player for mac and iOS)
Here’s the video information from plex player:

Video Resolution 1080p
时长 1:02:26
比特率 6121 kbps
Width 1920
Height 1080
Aspect Ratio 1.78
Container MP4
Video Frame Rate NTSC
Web Optimized 是
Audio Profile lc
Video Profile main

时长 1:02:26
File 三流之路.Fight.For.My.Way.2017.E08.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC-HDSWEB.mp4
Size 2.67 GB
Audio Profile lc
Container MP4
Web Optimized 是
Video Profile main
编解码器 H264
比特率 5987 kbps
Bit Depth 8
Chroma Location left
Chroma Subsampling 4:2:0
Color Primaries bt709
Color Range tv
Color Space bt709
Color Trc bt709
Frame Rate 30 fps
Height 1080
Level 4.0
Profile main
Ref Frames 4
Stream Identifier 1
Width 1920
Display Title Unknown (H.264 Main)
编解码器 AAC
频道 立体声
比特率 134 kbps
语言 English
Audio Channel Layout stereo
Profile lc
Sampling Rate 48000 Hz
Stream Identifier 2
Display Title English (AAC Stereo)

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We’re looking into a few similar issues with other videos which have been incorrectly encoded.

If you have a chance to send in a sample video, it may help track down what is going on.

Samples can be uploaded here.

The full file is a little bit large, but i don’t know how to cut it into samples. Should I upload the full video? I can upload it to google drive if you want.

Which device are you streaming to?

iPhone 7 Plus

That upload form will allow for files up to 20GB in size, so you can clip out a sample using the free MP4tools app ( or upload the entire thing.