Scraping movie info from doesn't work

It seems getting movie info from, hasn’t worked for the last couple of days?

Any ideas?

EDIT: Seems they have problems. From their Twitter account:

“Good afternoon everyone, TMDb is continuing to have some issues with the API, specifically the search and discover endpoints.
There is an unprecedented traffic spike that has been hitting the API over the past few days and one particular service is not designed for this load.
For technical reasons, this service is not able to scale out like the rest of the infrastructure and under this load, it’s going down and taking the API with it.”

Seems tmdb is having some technical issues

Give it a day or two to get things working again.

All should be good now with the folks over at tmdb doing an all day repair but let us know if you are still having issues. :slight_smile:

All good :slight_smile:

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