Scraping is worse than ever tonight

These bizarre mismatches noticed so far after importing only my TV Series — and note that unlike many matches Infuse can’t be blamed for, these are all perfect title / date matches at TMDB with no hijacking titles featuring conflicting alternate titles, and TMDB web interface defaults to perfect match every time.

(These all also used to scrape correctly.)

Actual Title → Scraped Title:

And Then There Were None (2015)And Then There Were None (no date)

  • Matched an aborted duplicate entry; which I reported and hopefully gets deleted - Infuse gets a pass on this one.

The Big C (2010)Behzat Ç.: An Ankara Policeman (2010)

The Boys (2019)THE BOYZ Be Ambitious (2019)

Hanna (2019)Tanake to hana 2019 (no date)

The Head (2020)The Motor Trend 500: NASCAR Heads West (2020)

Lost (2004)Desafio (2004)

Rome (2005)American Home 2005 (no date)

Them (2021)Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway (2021)

  • Seriously???

What if …? (2021)Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Good times. :confounded:

I turned off my TV to write this, and turned it back on to go fix everything.

Now “The Big C” is identifying as → “Clifford the Big Red Dog” and I’d done NOTHING.

What the actual frak?


Life (2009)Yellowstone (2009) [subtitled in US ‘Battle for Life’]

  • Hard to catch ones like these since both titles are in my collection.

Can you list a few example filenames?

All filenames match the title and year as written above (as based on the title and release year according to TMDB); with the exception that I’d tried removing all the leading "**A **"s and "**The **"s hoping to get the alphabetical sorting working; and that Yellowstone is titled as the US version:

Yellowstone - Battle for Life (2009) * (no issues with this title)

Just found another one …

See (2019) scraped as another copy of Seven Worlds, One Planet (2019).

(These latter finds are hard to locate since I have both titles in my collection. After looking for both unfamiliar artwork in poster view and unfamiliar titles in list view, I was still missing two of the 411 series I ought to have had … by the way, a non-manual way of counting TV series would be helpful, maybe displayed on the library tabs next to the episode count :wink:)

Filenames are in the format

See (2019)
      Season 1
           See (2019) - S01E01.mkv
           See (2019) - S01E02.mkv
      Season 2
           See (2019) - S01E01.mkv
           See (2019) - S01E02.mkv

Occasionally when TMDB just doesn’t serve up good matches and I can’t find any reason the other show might be hijacking the desired match (given TMDB’s issues with short, one-word titles especially) I’ve resorted to creating an alternative title on TMDB to assist. These will be the only non-standard filenames I’ve used but I’m not having difficulty with them.

Some examples of the latter include:

Africa (2013)Africa BBC (2013)

The First (2018)The First Hulu (2018)

The Hunt (2015)The Hunt BBC (2018)

The War of the Worlds (2019)The War of the Worlds BBC (2019)

  • usually scraped as the Epix/Canal+ series of the same year titled just “War of the Worlds” in English

The Wire (2002)The Wire HBO (2002)

I’m really afraid to try importing movies again. :grimacing:

Auto matching seems to be working here for me. Maybe a temporary blip at TMDB?

What happens when you try to edit metadata manually? Does the correct title appear first in the list?

Yes, when I manually enter the title, the expected result shows up.

But it does not populate the list by itself (as I recall it normally did based on the file name) — I have to type something. Otherwise no options are provided.

Do you have any weird special characters in the filename?

Can you copy/paste the exact filename you are using?

Nope. I include a few in my folder names (after the title and year), but the file names are clean.

For example, The Big C:

Big C ,The (2010) 43gb ¦ ø
   Season 1
       Big C (2010) - S01E01 · Pilot (2010)
       Big C (2010) - S01E01 · Pilot (2010).mkv
       Big C (2010) - S01E01 · Pilot (2010).nxx
       Big C (2010) - S01E01 · Pilot (2010)-thumb.jpg
       Big C (2010) - S01E02 · Summer Time (2010)
       Big C (2010) - S01E02 · Summer Time (2010).mkv
       Big C (2010) - S01E02 · Summer Time (2010).nxx
       Big C (2010) - S01E02 · Summer Time (2010)-thumb.jpg
   Season 2
   Season 3
       Big C (2010) - S03E09 · Vaya Con Dios (2012)
       Big C (2010) - S03E09 · Vaya Con Dios (2012).mkv
       Big C (2010) - S03E09 · Vaya Con Dios (2012).nxx
       Big C (2010) - S03E09 · Vaya Con Dios (2012)-thumb.jpg
       Big C (2010) - S03E10 · Fly Away (2012)
       Big C (2010) - S03E10 · Fly Away (2012).mkv
       Big C (2010) - S03E10 · Fly Away (2012).nxx
       Big C (2010) - S03E10 · Fly Away (2012)-thumb.jpg
   Season 4

(¦ = Series has ended, ø = 1080p x265, .nxx = an .nfo renamed so as not to be seen by Infuse, .jxx = a .jpg renamed so as not to be seen by Infuse. Hiding the .nfo and folder.jpg files from Infuse helps me identify incorrectly scraped titles when I see unfamiliar artwork and titles browsing my collection, which I wouldn’t see otherwise. I’ve also stopped using .nfo with Infuse since the Cast and Crew update and its issues.)

Still can’t replicate the issue with that structure, either with local files or streamed via SMB.

Where are these files stored? How are you connecting via Infuse?

Do you have the Embedded Metadata option enabled in Settings > General?

What filename do you see when you use edit metadata?


I have them on a local wired Synology NAS, that my Apple devices reach over home wifi via NFS with the NAS on a static IP. I see the file names I’ve assigned as they live on my NAS.

I can’t replicate the bad matches since Infuse now has my overrides in memory, unless I delete all Infuse’s metadata again and maybe rename the share; and I’m not willing to do that now. But I did dump the metadata for “See” via “use local metadata” to show that I need to begin typing to have any results pulled up. I don’t know if this is the same mechanism as before, since I hadn’t disabled online metadata, but I do get results as soon as I start typing.

Previously bad matches would show results with the wrong item checked (and usually scrolling up to the top of the list revealed the desired title).


No, I do not enable embedded metadata.

Perhaps that was what it was.
I’ve just taken a look at my living room AppleTV and everything scraped successfully on it.

Neither are connected to iCloud yet (and I had deleted local metadata from all devices, disconnected from iCloud, and deleted the apps, and deleted my iCloud backup before ever reinstalling an app, disconnecting from iCloud (again), and starting over importing just the TV.

No idea why my office Apple TV glitched so bad but the living room Apple TV appears to be fine ….

If I’ve disabled iCloud, there wouldn’t have been a way for the changes I made in the office to update in the living room, correct?

Correct. If you have iCloud Sync disabled you will not see manual changes sync between devices.

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