Scraping improvements & Search categories

If I could add a few minor features to Infuse which would really improve my user experience it would be these:

  1. CD1/CD2 concatenation. Many videos are split into multiple files, with CD1 & CD2 in their otherwise identical filenames. But such films show up twice in Infuse, which makes the menu look untidy, and they must be played separately.

  2. When the scraped mis-identifies a film or show, I can manually correct the error by clicking the ‘edit’ button. If Infuse could automatically rename the underlying file to the correct name for any future re-scraping, that would be great. When I move a manually identified file to a different folder on the server, it gets re-mis-identified.

  3. I have several films in more than one language. If Infuse could recognize the fact that “Le Monde de Nemo” and “Finding Nemo” are different versions of the same film, and display the appropriate poster, I wouldn’t have to dig around in the shared folder structure to find the one I want to watch.

  4. All these so far are scraping improvements. One other suggestion: search by actor, director, and writer would add a whole new “Coen Brothers Film Festival” dimension to the app.

But other than these small things, none of which is critical, Infuse works great!