scrapers in XBMC?

I installed XBMC/Boxee, and I’ve found Boxee to be a pretty good Sapphire replacement. XBMC seems like it has a more solid interface, but for the life of me I CANNOT figure out how to make it go find data/posters/anything for my video files. It takes away from the experience a bit when the only data you have is a generic icon and a list of titles full of things like “batman.the.animated.series.S02E14.m4v.”

Is there a way to scrape for data in XBMC the same way as in Boxee or Sapphire?

HI, I’m stuck exactly on the same point…
in the config there are places to set up the servers where retrieve the info… but nothing…

any idea, please?


you have to set the content first - then it grabs it all for you!