Scraper problems "Could Not Connect to Remote Servers"

I have been experiencing this error while updating the Movie and TV databases over the last week. It seems to be related to this


Does anyone know a fix? The XBMC forum guys recommend the Nighly Build which I am reluctant to apply since ATV Black is pretty stable right now.



it’s a pretty common problem with xbmc, most common cause of the problem is the scraper being unable to find metadata for a file (why it chooses to throw this error and hang the scraping process is bizarre)…i get around it by using tvdb/imdb scrapers to rename all my files first (therenamer ftw!) and put them in the correct name/folder structure, then run the scrapers in xbmc. IMDB is the best scraper for xbmc for movies (install via addons menu).

this structure works for me:

TV SHOWS (i’ll use family guy as an example)

Folder: Family Guy

Subfolder: Family Guy Season 01

Filename: Family Guy.S01E01.avi

MOVIES (i’ll use gladiator as an example)

Folder: Movies

Filename: Gladiator (2000).avi (by putting the year you’re more likely to scrape the correct metadata)

Thank you for the detailed reply! I will have a look now at how my files are named.