Scrape issues

ATV 4K 64GB, SMB share

I requested a feature in the Suggestions forum to have Infuse pick up a TVDB ID from an XML in the series folder. I still think it would be great to have that capability (and for movies too!) but I was able to get most of my TV shows to scrape correctly by adding season subfolders and putting the year in folder name for the show.

I’m down to one show that Infuse doesn’t recognize correctly which is Netflix Stand Up Specials ( It uses a year for the season then an episode number (e.g. on TVDB’s site it lists the latest episode as “S2020E13 - Jerry Seinfeld Has… 23 Hours to Kill”). I’ve tried different naming conventions, for example:

  • Netflix Stand Up Specials\Season 2020\2020x13 - Jerry Seinfeld Has… 23 Hours to Kill
  • Netflix Stand Up Specials\2020x13 - Jerry Seinfeld Has… 23 Hours to Kill
  • Netflix Stand Up Specials\S2020E13 - Jerry Seinfeld Has… 23 Hours to Kill

Unfortunately I can’t get Infuse to recognize it.

A related but different problem is movie scraping… I’ve got a pretty large library and I recently built my metadata from scratch. Even using “Movie Name (year)”, I’ve got several mis-detects. I’m going through each film and I can tell it’s bad if 1) there’s no movie poster or 2) there two titles with the same name. To fix, I “Edit Metadata” and usually the correct title is the first one on the list. I select that and it manually scrapes. I’ve corrected about 30 so far and I’m about halfway through my library. It’s tedious but it works. I’m just concerned that if for some reason I need wipe my metadata again I’ll need to make these manual corrections… although I read the corrections may be synced to iCloud?

Anyway, it would be great to understand why Netflix Stand Up Specials doesn’t scrape and what I can do to improve automatic scraping of movies.


Could you try naming the files like " Netflix Stand Up Specials S2020E13 - Jerry Seinfeld Has… 23 Hours to Kill.mkv"?

First, thanks for the quick response.

Progress! I tried “Netflix Stand Up Specials S2020E13 S2020E13 - Jerry Seinfeld Has… 23 Hours to Kill.mkv”? but that didn’t work, so I took out the additional season/episode (e.g. Netflix Stand Up Specials S2020E13 - Jerry Seinfeld Has… 23 Hours to Kill.mkv") and now I see it under TV. The problem now is I’m not seeing the individual episode descriptions. I see the same generic series description for each episode.


Sorry about the double S&E was a copy and paste error on my part.

Edit to add: I corrected my original post so others would duplicate my silly mistake :wink:

As to why the generic series description the episode you are showing S2017E14 has no specific episode description. If there is not it falls back to the series description.

Ah, I see that now on TVDB. Makes sense; thank you!

Any tips on movie scraping based on what described in my first post? :slight_smile:

What you’re doing with the edit metadata is what I did. There’s a post that explains what happened, how to fix, and what’s coming to hopefully keep this from happening again.

I prefer not to clear the metadata if possible so I went through and corrected mine and even added a few posters back to TMDB for ones I preferred.

Thanks. I was looking for missing posters as a way to identify movies that didn’t scrape correctly. In those cases, the film was completely misidentified (i.e. none of the metadata was correct) and it just showed a screenshot from the film instead of a poster.

If I Edit Metadata, Infuse shows a possible list of matches. Generally it had selected the second or third item in the list when the first item was the correct one. So I just Edit Metadata, scroll up to the first item and select it, then it’s fixed. I did about 10 more yesterday and I’ve got another 800 titles to go through.

My concern is if for some reason I need to rebuild the database, will I need to do this process again? I’d like to be able to have my library (folder and filenames) set up in a way that Infuse scrapes the title correctly automatically.

If you have a lot that you have to manually change, the best bet is to rename the files such that they choose the first item in the list. This might mean adding the year of the movie or show after the show name. Then the next time, if it ever happened, it would choose the right one.

Thanks @munpip214. I’ve read Metadata 101 a couple times :slight_smile:

So the key is the folder AND the filename are important. I was hoping I could just use the the folder name. I will look at filenames, but I think you’re right. The corrections I’m making have filenames are abbreviated versions of the title.