"Sci-Fi & Fantasy" and "War & Politics" is not four genres

“Sci-Fi & Fantasy” and “War & Politics” are two TV genres that are displayed as four genres in the software.


It’s based off the info from TMDB.

Here are the recognized genres for movies.

And the recognized genres for TV Shows

Yes, I know that this information comes from the TMDB

I meant that “Sci-Fi & Fantasy” are 1 types, not 2 types.

In Infuse, the system displays the single type “Sci-Fi & Fantasy” as two types: “Sci-Fi” and “Fantasy.”

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I think the poster is speaking of TV genres, and how Infuse does not respect TMDB’s use of them — the issue I brought up some time ago that so very irks me still.

Like “Sugar cane” is a name of a fruit,

Not “Sugar” and “cane” two separate things.

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Correct. And this drives me nuts.

Both genre buttons link to the exact same list of titles. It’s both a wrong-headed implementation a redundant waste of UI space.

Firecore is of the opinion breaking Infuse in this way for users who only use Infuse is necessary to support Infuse users who also utilize third-party media managers, like Plex and Emby.

Perhaps @NC_Bullseye can move your comments to this thread and you can hit the like button on the first post of that thread?

— the number of likes on a suggestion thread’s first post seems to be the only public metric Firecore uses to judge user interest in new features or, as in this case, the desire of users to see Infuse’s UI bugs fixed.

It has been fixed in v 7.5.5.

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