Scared of a brick

Hi, I have a Firecore jail broke Atv2 with XBMC but want to ditch that and go with aTV Flash (black) instead. I have a Synology 212J for the library. Been using it for a year or so.

I am scared of bricking the aTV and don’t know what procedure to use from this position.

It’s further complicated by my stupidity at changing the aTV root password and/or user and then forgetting it… So I am unable to get root access. The XBMC is getting flakier and I just want to try the paid solution. (The wife approval factor is dropping…)

The aTV is 5.0.2. The XBMC is Frodo 12.0.

Can I just get the Flash and follow instructions or do I have to restore the aTV? I have iTunes on a Windows 7 box. If possible I would like to clean the aTv software up too… but I have no saved versions.

Any tips would be much appreciated.

ATVFLash is a suite of software products, including XBMC, it is not a jailbreak tool.

If you do not know your root password you will not be able to to flash the ATV with ATVFlash.

I’m afraid you’re going to have to re-jailbreak it.

Your first step would be to save those signatures with seasonpass.

aTV Flash (black) wont mess up anything on your present system. It will just be an added featur to whatever’s there.

You can uninstall XBMC and reinstall it to see if that cleans up any problems, this process wont mess up your jailbreak.


If you’re intent on cleaning up you atv software, your only path is to re-jailbreak, this will fix your password problem. You jailbreal options are

  1. Jailbreak to your present firmware using the saved blobs from earlier in this post

  2. Jailbreak to 5.3, which is tethered, and you’ll have a few more channels that apple is offering in that version.

But let’s not lose sight of the fact that (in the UK) jailbreaking it on 5.3 is going to make it worth £80 less than if jailbroken on 5.0.2.  I dont know what the position is stateside.

Thanks very much for your advice. It looks like a re- jailbreak then.

Yes I did understand that xbmc is not the jailbrake… sorry if I wasn’t clear. I used fire core to jailbreak it but don’t remember the version/ or code name etc.

I don’t yet know how to save these blobs or images or whatever but will look into that.

From what you guys said it seems I can apply the Flash software but I wouldn’t have thought so because I don’t have root access. In any case I will look into it.

If there are any potential traps in re-jailbraking I would be glad to hear of them before I break it worse… :slight_smile:

You won’t get root access until you have jailbroken it.

Firecore is the name of the company.  It has two products that you may use:

Seas0npass - this is a jailbreak tool and is free.

ATVFlash Black - this is the tool you flash that enables you to load third party software.

You can install third party apps without installing ATV Flash (although it does make it easier).   The main purpose of ATV Flash is to actually provide some additional apps - primarily the inFuse Media player.  I personally like the inFuse Media player much more than XBMC which is the (free0 alternative.  It does seem a bit pointless to buy ATV Flash if you are not going to use any of the apps it provides and only use third party apps from other sources.

Again, sorry guys I haven’t been clear… I do know Firecore is the company… I did use Seasonpass if I recall… It was a while ago. And also its the flash media player I want… I will be removing xbmc when I do it.

The main thing I am after is trouble free video file playing irrespective of file type.

I found plex didn’t play a few of my files but xbmc would. I am assuming the the Flash version of a media player will be as capable as xbmc at least. I think my synology nas (which is the baby of the synology fleet) is a bit underpowered for plex conversion on the fly since it had any number of buffering events while xbmc did not.

Again… thanks for your help and patience. (Also I do understand that Flash the browser addin is nothing to do with the Firecore Flash. I just don’t know all the software names because I don’t often dip into this area)