Scans of SMB3 share wake up NAS HDDs frequently

Hi! My NAS is configured to turn off my HDDs after a short period of time to save some energy. I rarely use my NAS so I expect a sleeping NAS for a long time during the day, especially at night. But in my logfiles (on the NAS) I find a lot of wake up events from my Infuse clients (3 AppleTV and some iOS devices) accessing my media share frequently. This seems to happen in background processes, because I see events even when the clients are in standby.

How can I prevent my Infuse instances from accessing my shares so often and wake up my HDDs?
Thank you for your great support!

iOS and tvOS do do background updates. You can disable these in general device settings (Background App Refresh). macOS does not support disabling background refreshes yet. I believe this will also disable background iCloud sync so you will have to wait for that to happen if you are using it (on by default) to sync files, lists and collections, etc.


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