Can someone please explain exactly how scanning works?


If another program puts content onto my nas, which is set up and included in a Library do I have to wait for Media Player to do a scan before this shows up?


Is there a way to fire this off from the command line?




Yes, the content will not appear in the library until a new scan takes place. You can trigger a scan manually, or setup a daily scan in the Media > Settings > Manage Library menu.

Thanks for the reply James.

I understand how to do this from the GUI, but I would like to kick it off via a hook in the application which puts the files on the NAS.

Is there a way to do this via an API / from the command line?



Unfortunately there’s not currently a way to do this, but perhaps it can be added in a future version.

It would be awesome if you could. 


If you use a program like Sickbeard to download media (which many people do) it would mean you could kick off a rescan whenever you dump anything on the share. 


I too would love to see a “watch” folder that whenever content is added the index updates.  In the meantime jamess.0624: checkout this post: it has worked pretty flawless for me.