Scanning of files added to iTunes

Hi, I’m new to Infuse.

I have a library built entirely on iTunes + Home Sharing. This work very well when using in the house but not when outside (e.g. in a hotel room).

So I decided to give Plex and Infuse a try and there’s no problem with Infuse scanning movies files but when it comes to TV Shows, it’s a mess.

Basically Infuse will recognise the files correctly as TV Shows is when the filenames are named “Episode 1”, “Episode 2” etc.

But iTunes doesn’t work that way. I add the files to iTunes and iTunes use the Episode name as the filename. It does not use any episode number in the filename at all.

Even if I change the filename to “01 blah blah”, iTunes will change the filename to “blah blah” after I added the file to iTunes.

Is there any way Infuse can recognise the files as TV Shows by look at the metadata? Maybe an additional option in the settings to indicate that the folder to be scanned contains iTunes files instead of “generic” media files?

Other than that I found Infuser much more flexible and easier to use than Plex. Keep up the good work.

Thank you.

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