Scanning new content

When i want to add new movies to my library, I scan for changes under library settings. When it finishes, it has two copies of each movie. Any ideas?

It's not the subtitles? I have mine set to scan automatically. Never had an issue.

You know how some people just have problems all the time, and some have none? We'll, I'm the problem  one. Even deleted everything before, reinstalled and still doubles. 

I've had this problem as well.  I use a Qnap 419 NAS and I found that when I deleted a movie, a copy was stored in the NAS network recycle bin.  When I emptied the bin and scanned the NAS, the duplicate files no longer showed.


Additionally, I found that it isn't wise to set the scan to auto.  The reason I think is when the NAS is in standby or power saving mode, the scan will sometime fail.  This causes the results to come back as zero.  I think its because the scan request times out waiting for the NAS to come out of standby and refresh.

I think a possible solution would be to incorporate a feture into Infuse to attempt another scan a few seconds later if the results come back zero.

Thanks for your reply, I don't have that problem when I delete a movie though. I just had a couple I was adding to my library, and when it finished scanning, every original had a duplicate next to it. Very frustrating.

They really need an update to this app. The Infuse 2.2 for ios works flawlessly on my iPhone, and nothing doubles!