ScanDisk Cruzer Micro 8Gig

I have been able to load the ATV Flash Successfully on to my ScanDisk Cruzer Micro 8Gig Flash drive.When I try to load it into my Apple Tv Nadda, Zippo, Zilch. Anyone else have the same issue with the drive? If you have the same drive and have been successful or anyone else that can offer some suggestions it would be vry helpful.


How fast did the aTV Flash application take to go from 0% to 100% when you ran it. The reason I ask that is because sometimes a fake Volume is made called patchstick-root in the /Volumes/ folder. When you run aTV Flash it could be installing all the plug-ins into that folder and not your USB drive.

From everything I’ve read here, it will not recognize any drives that are larger than 2GB. You need to go on a wild goose chase to find a drive that works. No luck for me yet, but I learned the hard way with my Cruzer 4GB drive. And then again with 2 others. Still trying!

That is good to know. However I have already bought a cheap 1G Staples Relay Drive. Someone put a post that it wored for them. I don’t own MAC, so my trials of loading and running ATV Flash are few and far between. I will keep my eye own for the same problem the next time around. Thanks for the info.

I can confirm from an earlier post that the STAPLES RELAY 1Gb WORKS, and for only $12.90 you can’t go wrong.