Scan "Subs" folder for subtitles

In the past years, it has become quite common to include multiple subtitle files inside a “Subs” folder along with the video file. But it appears that Infuse is not aware of this. Can this please be improved?

Currently, I have an AppleScript for this purpose, i.e. it finds the Subs folder and copies the english srt out of it and places it next to the vid file, but that is something that Infuse should ideally manage on its own.

If anyone is interested in the AppleScript (Macs only, not Windows), send me a PM.


Yes please, it’s very annoying how limited the subtitles scanning system is. If there is a folder calls “Subs” why not use it? This is a very important feature to me.


Definitely needed!

Definitely would improve the out-of-the-box user experience! It also seems like an easy thing to implement? In addition to looking for .srt files next to the video, also scan any folders next to the video file (doesn’t just have to be Subs) recursively for .srt files.

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Yeah, that sounds even better. But kinda feel to organise lots of languages its easier for that to be done than have to rename all of the srt files to the exact name of the film. Only problem would be if in one folder there’s more than one film

A lot of my directories are like this:


It would be nice if Infuse could automatically load subtitles there. Just look for directory named ‘sub(s)’ or ‘subtitle(s)’. This may make opening a video to be slow when file listing over network is slow, so a toggle to turn it on/off would be nice.

Also maybe allow users to specify what directory name to look for?


Moving to suggestions. Thanks!

Has this been implemented? I would really like that too…

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Could you add more options to select a subtitle from the “get more…” not only by downloading from opensubtitles, but also by browsing the same folder that the video is in. Also if the video is cloud hosted I can browse in the cloud for a subtitle.

So the choices would be something like this:

Local to browse manually in folders at the same device
Network to browse manually in folders hosted in a cloud i.e. gdrive

the same way is implemented in nPlayer.


I don’t really understand this thread… the timeline is non-linear :smiley:
However, support for this functionality should be a priority in my humble opinion.

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Yeah, I noticed that, too. I’m assuming this is because the post which best summarized the capability which thread-participants wanted added to Infuse was not the first post, chronologically, when the thread was moved to suggestions.

Firecore tracks its users’ interest in new features in part by counting the number of likes granted to the first post of the suggestion thread in which they are discussed.

For anyone interested in the AppleScript, here it is.

Some videos/TV shows have subtiles in a "Subs’ subfolder.
Typically we would have the videos in the main folder, then a “Subs” subfolder.
In the “Subs” subfolder, there is a subfolder for each episode, with the name of the episode, containing the subtitles.

So we have:
TvSHwEpisode S01E01.mkv
TvSHwEpisode S01E02.mkv
Subs (folder)
TvSHwEpisode S01E01 (folder)
TvSHwEpisode S01E02 (folder)

It’d be very nice if Infuse could correctly identify and play these subtitles.
(I currently rename them by adding the encosing folder’s name and move them next to the video files.)

Similar request.

Assuming same subtitle organization as discussed in this second similar thread.

Thx. :pray::blush:

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I opened a thread to be able to browse manually for subtitles. That would be a nice compromise.

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omg wow this is awesome. thank you

I would very much like to see this implemented. I understand you can put the subtitles in the same folder as the movies but that just makes a mess when managing storage. I have all my movies on the cloud in a “Films” folder and have a “Subtitles” subfolder inside it. Works great with VLC on Windows. I wish it worked this way in Infuse as well.