Scan .nfo files to identify movies

Hi, I have a lot of movies with separate folders. Each folder contain a .mkv and a .nfo file. The .nfo is a “scene nfo” which always contains an imdb link of the movie. My last Media Center Software was able to scan these .nfo files to identify the movie for downloading metainfo. Does infuse also has such a feature? Would be important for me and it shoudn’t be much complicated in programming. Thanks :slight_smile:

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As far as I know IMDB doesn’t allow commercial applications to use their data anymore without an expensive license. That’s the reason why all other media center apps use some other resource, mostly

Thx for your reply. As far as I know the tmdb api provides a ‘find by imdb id’ method. So it would be possibe to scan the .nfo for an imdb id and then use tmdb, completely without using imdb itself.

Infuse does support .nfo files, and will use them automatically, if present.

I’d recommend leaving Metadata Fetching enabled, and Infuse will fetch info from the web for any gaps that may be present in your local metadata files.

Ok thx, so I ordered an Apple TV today.

Just hoping you understood me correctly (I’m talking about scene nfo’s which always released together with a movie. It often contains e.g. a ascii logo of the release group and as described above, an imdb link)

I hardly believe that infuse is supporting pirated stuff in such an official way… I assume James is talking about nfo files as they are used in Kodi and described here

Correct - the .nfo support I’m referring to is for general metadata only (as described in the link above).

Infuse also supports .xml files for the same purpose.

The link also mentions scene nfos
“2. The *.nfo file contains a URL of the information page to scrape. The file can include other information (i.e. scene info), Kodi will scan through it and use a relevant URL if a match is found…”

So it seems kodi is able to handle them. Just once again, it’s only a flat file which contains lot of text, but always an imdb link in addition. Is infuse also able to handle them? If not would it be possible to add such a feature? I mean, most people have such movies, so why not save pains? Renaming folders would not be necessary because identifying is possible through the imdb id. Thank you

Honestly I have zero movies that have a nfo file attached… :wink: I wonder why you even want to use it, 99% of my >500 movies library got identified correctly with proper file naming. I maybe had to correct five to ten manually.

A good download source will attach it, in respect to the release group. To avoid misunderstandings, I always buy the bluray, but I’m to lazy to rip it in good quality to hdd by my own.

I can test the following days how well infuse handle my movies, but I’m pretty sure it will have some problems (sometimes german movie titles and so on). Using .nfo imdb id would be 100% for sure : )

Well, I have no experience with downloaded stuff, as I always do a 1:1 rip of my BDs containing the main movie and two language tracks. It takes 15 minutes and involves inserting the disc into the computer, if that’s too much work - I don’t know. I absolutely don’t want to go with the inferior quality stuff you get as a download as it usually is compressed as hell.

But I want this compressed stuff and no complete discs on hdd : )
Maybe james can give a final anwser to my above questions. Thanks anyway

If infuse is not able to identify a movie by nfo imdb link, I think I could write a little tool which always scans for my nfo’s and creates a additional xml file with just 2 nodes, e.g.
< movie>
< title>Hellboy< /title>
< /movie>

I think this could be a workaround, if james will say it is not possible with infuse

I am not sure if anyone maybe able to help, I have a lot of Movies that are “Special Edition” or “Extended Version”
I have been trying to write .xml to override the normal fetching data and I can’t get them to work…
is there anyone that has been able to get this to work…
May i ask if someone can give me an example of there files please…
I have tired this link, and tried but still can’t get it to work

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

its ok, got it!!! Stupid ME!!!

If nfo file provides the themoviedb id, can you use it to match the movie? :

Arma letal Lethal Weapon Richard Donner plugin:// plugin:// 7.6 1987 R 945 tt0093409 tmdbid 941 /tmdbid

If would be better query themoviedb by id 941, instead of quering by Title “Arma Letal”.

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I agree with vdatanet. Using the id in the nfo file to look up makes far more sense than using the file name and searching by title. This would fix the largest hole in the current metadata lookups.

Yes, but if nfo file contains thetvdb id, to avoid wrong matches query to thetvdb should be done by this id not by name.