Scan for changes...

I updated my Apple TV when the newest update was available. All of the sudden over the past few weeks my Infuse won't pull in newly added media. It says it scans every night at 3am, but nothing is updated. Even when I go into Library settings and force it to Scan for changes it says 'fetching content' and never moves into fetching metadata or thumbnails and then it stops. The last updated time and date changes as if it had a successful scan, but nothing new appears in my library. I use an apple time capsule for my AFP. Any ideas how to fix this?

A similar thing seems to have happened to me tonight. I ran a 'scan for changes' this evening as I had added a couple more movies to my collection. Everything looked like it was updating as normal but when checking the movies folder, I noticed that the new films were not there. I went into the 'my files' section and could see the new movies in there but not in the main 'movies' section. When revisiting the 'scan for changes' tab, I noticed that my drive was suggesting that there were 0 movies and 0 tv shows. Still again however, when going directly to the 'my files', I can access the drive and see and play all the movies and tv shows on it. In an attempt to clear any bugs, I uninstalled and reinstalled infuse and set the whole thing up again. This time after a scan, it has successfully pulled in just 10 movies out of over 400 and 0 tv shows out of over 1000!

Can you offer any solution to this incredibly frustrating problem? 
Please help!