Scan for changes request/issue

Couple of requests for the ‘scan for changes’ option within Infuse.

Anyway we can have some kinda progress bar of what its scanning for on the ‘front end’ while browsing content? (I think KODI do something similar) that way I know it’s working through Films before getting to TV episodes for example.

Also when it has completed scanning for changes I frequently have to back out of the view I’m in and then go back in for the changes to appear. For example when I’m on a TV season and I’m waiting for Infuse to scan for changes I don’t know it’s completed until I ‘refresh’ the view by doing the above. I suppose that ties into the progress bar suggestion above also.

Many thanks.

You can keep an eye on Infuse’s current scanning progress through the Settings > Library menu. An abbreviated version of these details is also available while browsing through the Library icon.

Yep but that relies on having to come out of what I’m doing/viewing to view it. Also ‘in progress’ Isn’t very descriptive. The ability to see what’s its actually scanning would be great, also maybe even skip the type of scan, let’s say films because I’m want to update my tv episodes quickly.

Any thoughts on the issue where it’s not showing updated content after a scan without refreshing the view?

If viewing the status through the Library menu, then it will provide more granular detail about what is happening. E.G. “Fetching thumbnails on My NAS (200 of 543)”

With regard to the browsing issue, can you provide more info on what you’re seeing? I assume you are browsing folders (not the Library) and in this case Infuse will stop it’s background indexing and work to fetch content for the items which are currently on screen. These should update in real-time without having to back out and reload the folder, but if you’re seeing something different it’s likely not expected.

I’ve seen it where tv recently added within library doesn’t update unless I back out and go back in, also if I’m viewing a season the episodes don’t update unless I back out and back in. It’s one of the reasons I wanted a persistent ‘in progress’ so I know the scan changes is in progress or has finished and I can then proceed to refresh my view.

Got it.

The idea for adding a persistent progress overlay is interesting, and something we’ll take a look at for a future update. Thanks!

Great, hopefully the refresh issue can be addressed in a future update too.

Out of interest does the scan for changes only happen when Infuse is the foreground app? Is there anyway to have background app refresh for this kind of service on the Apple TV? Having my content updated before I even launch the app would be great.

Infuse is currently only able to scan while it’s open. We hope Apple opens things up a bit in the future, but even the changes coming in tvOS 11 severely limit what tasks apps can do while in the background.

That does seem odd when you are dealing with a platform that doesn’t have to concern itself with things like battery management etc. Let’s hope a future update adds more support for this kind of thing.

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