Scan finds all tv shows but then says 0 items imported


Have been using Saphire for quite a while now no problems, then about a week ago, clicking on Add TV Shows ot Movies would result in it scanning, finding the new material but then reporting 0 items imported. So I decided to start from scratch so I reset the Apple TV using Factory Restore, then installed Apple TV, all plugins etc. Then ran the Find TV Shows menu option. It went thriugh each of my TV shows, asking me to confirm which TV show it was, finding everything, then at the end of all that it said 0 items imported and there are no new items listed in Saphire. Yet I can browse the drive and see and play all the material including TV shows that it had found in the past before it stopped working?

I’m having the exact same problem… Any ideas? I guess It’s a problem with the latest version of ATVFlash…