Scan Dedicated Artwork/Poster Folder

I’d like to suggest an option to specify in infuse a dedicated directory in the app that infuse can scan to overide the Artwork it pulls from TMDB/TVDB.
The way it would work is really simple.
Just specify the default folder to scan for images only somewhere in the settings options.
Add the posters you want in that directory following predefined naming conventions and voila, infuse overides the posters from TMDB/TVDB
Really Simple.
I’ll attach a folder example of what I’m after.


Hey @james Is this something that you would consider coz I use gdrive and obviously from your explanation on this linked thread google has its limitations. This would really help people using cloud drives.

I think for TV programs the only image filenames recognized by Infuse are “folder” , “fanart”, and “[series name S##E## *]-thumb”.

If you want custom series posters and fanart, put the first two in the main folder for each series. The last enables custom thumbnails for each similarly named episode.

If you want custom season-specific artwork, it appears you MUST use separate sub-folders for each season.

All files I’ve named “Season##-poster.jpg” for example, that are in either the main folder for the series, or in a “Season ##” sub-folder are ignored. Instead, all poster images (including both the series main poster and each season specific poster) all must be named simply “folder.jpg” — and moved to the appropriate folder and sub-folder.

This has required that in order for me to keep local backups of all my custom artwork, I need two copies of every television poster image — the first named distinctively but not recognized by Infuse (Game of Thrones.poster.jpg, season 1.poster.jpg, season 2.poster.jpg, etc.) and the second group all named simply “folder.jpg”, which ARE recognized by Infuse by only if in the correct folder or sub-folder.


…hence the reason for this suggestion. I download alot of posters from and moving them from download folder to INDIVIDUAL series folders when you have hundreds of shows is a PITA. That’s why I was suggesting to have it scan a dedicated folder instead of moving images around subfolders. I have over 500 shows and I just cant start moving them one by one. The image above was just a small sample.

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Since I’ve recently finished realigning all my movie and television metadata to match TMDBs movie & series names, release dates, and season/episode numbers … so that my collection will work perfectly with Infuse … I now, sadly, know for a fact that I have but merely 290 different television shows in my current collection (encompassing 10,224 unique episodes among 844 individual seasons). And because I know I’ve replaced ALL my series’ artwork with series and season poster images (over 1,100 of them!!) … like, I literally browsed every possible image at TMDB and for posters and fanart that were both of suitably high quality and also most ascetically pleasing when viewed together to find the best … and when good enough wasn’t good enough, I went and searched the google for the resources necessary to photoshop my own interpretations.

Along the way, I uploaded a great many of my best finds and finished photoshops to TMDB; wherever their own choices were rather lacking. I have serious mental health issues, obviously. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

So yeah, I get you.

What I most want is Infuse to allow us to store a complete backup of it’s cache files of our library metadata and artwork (mine is running at about 3.6 GB, including the 10,000+ tv episodes and a further 3,200+ movies) all in one place of our choosing — our NAS boxes make the most sense — and have that be the first place it goes looking to rebuild the cache when my Apple TV decides to dump it. Shouldn’t be that hard.

Lol I hear you man I was literally you a while back. I uploaded thousands of artwork that I found from any source that I could to tmdb, even photoshoping, fixing up, cropping, resing dvd covers. Took alot of my time and I ended up deleting my tmdb account so that I dont spend any more time doing it.

Thats still alot. I have around ~650 shows and ~1600movies but to be honest I dont even have enough time to watch all of them in my lifetime. I’ve probably only COMPLETED like 50% of the movies and like maybe 5% of the TV shows. I’m really trying to cut back on the hoarding too.

I know. I read your post on that other thread and I think it drove the point home. It literally makes no sense to have movies on a NAS with symmetrical GIG locally and have the Cache on a smaller less versatile piece of hardware (Apple TV) and literally as slow as your internet connection / icloud servers. I hadnt thought of it like that, but when you mentioned it…It just doesnt make sense. Only makes sense if you have your library in the cloud. Then still its still better to be able to cache on a NAS or other external drive on the network that is way faster than the ATV.

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Gods, I wish I was that functional!