Saving the standalone 6.7 Infuse-IPA for future installations if necessary

… even if it should be removed from the App-Store by Apple:

Recently I had problems with my Standalone-Pro-App Infuse 6.7. (A lifelong licence by Firecore without the possibility to upgrade but with the possibilty to use iCloud-Sync between your devices) on my iPhone: the app stopped working correctly on the iPhone but it still worked correctly on the Apple TV.

So, here is my solution by using a local saved IPA:

First, I saved the Infuse 6.7-IPA locally on my mac using “Apple Configurator 2”-App. How, is described here: Herunterladen und Ausführen von iOS-Apps auf einem Mac

By the Configurator-App I am since this effort able to re-install the app in the future at any time even if Apple should remove the Infuse.IPA. If you have a local IPA, you can follow these steps:

  1. On your mac you have to install „Apple Configurator 2“ from the App-Store (official app by Apple to manage mobile devices)
  2. Deletete your Infuse 6.7-app on the phone
  3. Run “Apple Configurator 2” on your mac, connect your phone and reinstall infuse 6 (navigate to apps on the left side and use the „+“-button on top, than choose „Apps". Browse Infuse 6.7 either inside the app-store if it still will be there or browse to your local saved *.IPA by the button on the left down corner
  4. Your app on the phone will be cleaned than and you will have to add your sources again …

… but if there will have been problems with the phone-app they should be solved than.