Saving SHSH with Apple TV in Recovery

My Apple TV 2 G is stuck in recovery mode and I assume its why I cannot save SHSH blobs in TinyUmbrella or SP. Although it works perfectly fine. Version 6.0.1 was recently released and I assume I can restore it to that version and then save blobs, but I’m scared this will hinder my chances of jailbreaking when SP gets updated.

Should I just leave it be and wait for an SP update, or does anyone know if its safe to update to 6.0.1?



PS: When I say stuck in recovery I mean when connected to my PC this is what iTunes says. Other than that it works normally.


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  • Apple TV 6.0.1 was just released. Best to sit tight for right now if you want to keep your jailbreak.

Tinyumbrella has a option to get it out of recovery mode.


The reason to save blobs is to be able to go back to that version you have on there if you need to. Updating and then saving won’t help you go back, it will just allow you to re-install 6.0.1.  Since this is a jailbreaking section I suggest you jailbreak to your present version if it’s a untethered one or jailbreak to 5.3 which is tethered.


see this for jailbroken versions:


I tried to get it out of recovery but no luck. I really wanted to get blobs for this version to use as a failsafe but I guess its too late for that. My Apple TV is at 6.0 so I cannot jailbreak it yet, although I’ll try using 5.3 since others say it worked.


Thanks for the help