saving atv3 shsh

new here and just purchased the atv3, to go with the ipad3…
was wondering if it is possible to backup the shsh blobs from the atv3, currently on ios5.

when I try with tinyumbrella (firmware umbrella) ver 5.11.01 on my pv win 7
the atv3 shows up as random numbers in the upper left of tinyumbrella, (show all devices)
exit recovery, reboot, different USB cable all give the same result, not atv3 showing up, just numbers with a ? mark

question; can this be done or does the device have to be jail broken first?
have read the tutorials for atv2, but they show an old version of tiny umbrella…
thanks for reading

So plugging in the apple tv it showed the ECID (Dec) in the upper left of Tinyumbrella under recovery devices
I clicked on that number

I chose manual ECID in Tinyumbrella.
Display name =Appletv3
ECID I typed in the ECID(dec) not hex
IDevice from the list of values chose appletv3
Then click “create custom device”

Now in the upper left is a custom device called appletv3’ highlight it and click “save shsh”

The log in tu says
For version 5.1 "this device isn’t eligible for the requested build
Apple is not signing 5.1.1 shsh request anymore all you can do now is select cydia and hope cydia has them saved

But at least I learned how to do it!
Thanks guys…
I will try the hex ECID and see what happens…

Connect power cord then plug USB, open tiny umbrela and you will see that it shows all what you need. On left side press on ATV3  then press save SHSH on the right. You do not need enter anything manualy.

and… there is the answer.^^

I never said I learned the easy way