Saved all SHSH iOS blobs for aTV2, have 2nd "Time Capsule" as NAS, play 1080P via untethered JB

As a developer, I have saved all the released SHSH blobs for every beta and GM build released for AppleTv 2 (and ist generation). I'd rather have an untethered jailbreak and wait for an untethered iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak (I work on a 2010 3.33GHz 6-Core Mac Pro, so moving it to my Pioneer system for an untethered boot is a tad cumbersome).

As I understand it, the only differences between the latest iOS and previous iOS is the added NBL/NBA/etc which I can live without.

Here is what I do need:


-NAS Support: I attached my AppleTV 2 via Ethernet to a second "Time Capsule" configured to extend our LAN to another "Time Capsule", hoping to use the HDD in the attached aTV 2 "Time Capsule" to store media

-Use of unsupported codecs such as m4v, AVI, etc

-1080P: I know it receives 1080P but downscales to 720P (I'm ripping 300+ full copies of my DVD's using batch workflows w/ Fairmount for SD and MakeMKV for BD, then batch encoding them to .m4v files with AC35.1 and AAC 2-channel stereo layers with complete tagging, synopsis, actors, poster)

Am I able to do any/all of the above with an untethered jailbreak on the most recent iOS that is untether-able?

Thanks for any help, I greatly appreciate it! :)


UPDATE: Found this about "Time Capsule", so I know it can be done: