Save Subtitle Settings Per Video

I’d love if we could save the subtitle settings per video, this would allow us to default to no-subs, and make exceptions for certain videos.


Or is this already how it works?



Anybody aware of a way to do this? There are so many movies that need forced subs. Does anyone know if forced subs are just standard subs shown given certain flags?

You can enable/disable whether subtitles are shown or not. The ‘Show Subtitles’ option can be found in the Media --> Settings --> Playback menu.

When enabled, subtitles will be displayed by default, and can be disabled through the Playback menu.

When disabled, subtitles will not be displayed by default, and can be enabled through the Playback menu.


But on an individual basis, it doesn’t store the previous state correct? In some movies it just makes sense (LOTR translates elvish portions, X-Men First Class has a lot of foriegn language portions) Others it doesnt.

Alternative of course is just to strip out the subs in mkvmerge or something of that nature. 

Unfortunately MP will not store any file specific subtitle settings. Sorry.