Save ratings/watched info separately from files?

Maybe there is some way of doing this that I am missing, but I would like to keep my user “taste profile” even for movies that I have moved/deleted from my library.


  • If I give a movie a rating, then I remove the movie from the library (or move it to a different folder), I want Infuse to continue remembering the rating I gave.
  • If I watch a movie from the “new movies” folder. After watching it and making sure the quality is good, I want to save it in my library. After I move the file, it shows up as “unwatched” again.
  • A 720p movie is replaces by a 1080p or 4k file.

The way I think this should work, is that infuse should remember which movies I watches by using the IMDB-ID, and not the file location.
If movie unique-ID’s are used, taste profiles could continue working even after files are moved or even replaced for better versions.

Is there a way to do this at this point and, if not, does this sound like a good idea to be added to the software?

This should actually be working in the current version.

Infuse will track things like ratings and watched status based on the IMDb ID, so these will remain if you move things around or have multiple copies of the same title.

This requires both iCloud Sync and Metadata Fetching to be enabled. Syncing watched statuses between devices will require Pro.

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Nice! Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

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