Save Plex Infuses library metadata and export it to another device


Export DataMeta Plex Infuses as a file then im

I have a big Plex library

Infuse has been running for 8 days. It is searching and fetching data… very slow and annoying… Now I want to log in to another mobile or Apple TV

My suggestion: For example, exporting the library ready in the form of a file or calling it via a zip link, for example, or any other format

It fetches and searches for new data, not the entire library

Save information and data of the library in the form of a file from Infuse

Open another infuse with a new device and upload the library in a minute

You could sync over iCloud.

This should be resolved in upcoming direct mode feature:

We are waiting for the solution

You can follow the link provided by @munpip214 above to find out the status.