Save metada and cover art local in the same movie folder


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   I think will be nice have a “Preferences Option” to save the metada and cover in the same folder that have the movie, this save time if have another aTV at home for example… Today I have only one but I will buy another aTV soon, by the ways how to “SYNC” the metada/cover art in multiples aTV??




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HERE you can read how to override manually the metadata and the posters. Just put the poster of your choice as <movie name>.jpg directly in the movie folder. You can also save the Metadata as a <moviename>.xml file in the folder.

But I do not know a xml file has to be written for tv shows (that’s also a question in the support forum) or to sync two atvs…

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 I was thinking if the aTV FLash when do the search for the cover/info have a “extra” option to save the MOVIE.JPG and MOVIE.XML to the local folder… this will be useful when you have 2 ATV also in my case I also have POPCORN Hour if ATV save the Cover save the job when popcorn perform the search again.







Yeah, that ist want I want, too!

I would appreciate to have the movie.jpg, movie.xml and the movie.fanart.jpg in the folder beneath the movie file! So it could be easier to manualy override or edit the files!