Save Ifaith 4.4.4 Blobs and upgrade to 5.2.1. Can i go back and JB it?

I havea ATV 2nd with Firmware 4.4.4 and used Ifaith save SHSH Blobs,  I tried to jailbreak on saved blobs for untethered. I tried too many times on Total Command and SnOwbreeze and got all error. I give up and upgraded tofirmware 5.2.1 and use seaOnpass tethered 5.2.1 and it’s working. My question here, Right now i am on firmware 5.2.1, Can i use my save Blobs on Ifaith and try jb back to firmware 4.4.4 for Untethered?. Thanks for all your help.

Yes. Build a signed ipsw with ifaith and patch the dmg files to it from the snowbreeze ipsw for 4.4.4 and then use iReb and the apple using itunes