Save firmware signatures

Hi, I have jail broken my Apple TV and installed atv flash black, but when I try to backup my firmware nothing happens. Does anybody know what I’m doing wrong?

Also off topic, but does anybody know what timeframe the 5.2.1 unthethered jailbreak will be released? Thanks.

I am not sure anyone knows the answer to this.   I have heard some rumours that the jailbreaking crowd may be holding off releasing this until iOS7.1 based firmware has been released.  The rational being that the number of weaknesses in iOS that can be exploited is diminishing, and they want to minimise the chances of Apple making iOS7 particularly hard to jailbreak.   Apple themselves acknowledged in their last iOS update that most of the security fixes were as a result of weaknesses discovered by jailbreak developers.

But wouldn’t it take quite a long time before apple release iOS 7?

it has started its beta cycle.    Probably arrive in a few months I expect.   That means that it is likely people will have to live with the tethered jailbreak for that sort of time as well (although I would love to be proved wrong).