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Hello. I’m a very big fan of Infuse for a longer time. The only thing I really hate about Infuse is importing video files from Files when I can’t save it directly WITHOUT playing those files. I just want to import them and watch it later. But this is impossible. The only question I can get is to “Play” or “Save and play”. I just wish to only save it to Infuse, delete files from Files and watch it later. Could you focus on this? It’s quite irritating. Thank you so much, I really love Infuse as a whole.

Does it require you to play the file when you follow the users guide here?

Thank you so much for you swift response. Sadly it doesn’t help me much. :disappointed:

No. I don’t think we understand each other.

  1. Download a video to Donwloads in Files
  2. Tap on the video
  3. Tap on the Share Sheet and choose Infuse
  4. That brings me to Infuse with a dialog “Do you wish to - Play or Safe and Play” and Cancel.
  5. No chance of just saving the file.

Same result as when I try to Import video directly from Infuse app, which to me seems far more complicated.

An option to Save files (without playing them) has been added in today’s 7.5 release. :slight_smile:

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