Save downloaded subtitles next to video

You should enable the users to save downloaded subtitles into the file location (including files located in remote servers).
I’ll explain why I think this should be added to the app. Some time ago I was streaming on my iPhone a movie located in my NAS and with subtitles downloaded from the Infuse App. Since I was unable to see the entire movie, I tried to finish it after in another device (my TV) but I had to turn on my computer to download the subtitles again… I went to all this work because the movie deserved to be watched in a big screen (not in a iPhone 5 screen).

Hope to ear from you soon.

Thank you.

João Carias

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James, could we get the following crutial features?

Download subtitles next to video. I have to redownload subtitles on all my Infuse instances, because subtitles are place in the app instead on read/write share.

Also, having option to keep only one (the last downloaded) subtitle file per language would be nice. When I find and download the right subtitles, I’m not interested in the previous ones (for the specified language).


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James, et al,

I’ve been testing current Infuse beta by completely avoiding my other watching device (NUC running OpenELEC /Kodi) to identify what is missing or can be improved. I came to the following short list. This naturally assumes that I have all technical details sorted (all my content is available) and that watching is the only area of interest.

  1. Library view (coming together very nicely)
  2. Save subtitles next to file (NAS, router attached HDD, etc) - see reasons in post above
  3. Increase with of subtitle outline (it’s too narrow now, which harms readability)
  4. Keep only 1 subtitle file per language (overwrite previously present one)

I know that if you consume content available in your native language (might be the case FireCore team and many others) these subtitle features might seem as extremely nice-to-haves. However, if you enjoy foreign films / series (whatever the reason - learning language or just being a fan of anime) this might be a decisive factor.


Unless i m wrong or not found the option, Infuse do not save the found subtitles to my shared nas folder (with correct read / write setup)
Could it be implemented ?

  • if i had a dream : to save also the + - timestamp when we change it in subtitles. I would be awesome to gain that time when we want to keep the subtitles.

Many thanks

Great idea !
It would indeed be nice to be able to select subtitles and then save them in the movie folder as srt file.

  • for this! This would be so great. Even just to save the downloaded srt file to the same share folder with the movie file.

Yes ??

Yes, please +1

Hi @James

Can you please consider this 2016 wish ? or it´s a tvOS/iOS limitation ?

It would be useful to Infuse be able to download subtitles to next to video file.

Currently where the downloaded subtitles are stored ?


The Search subtitle feature is awesome but if you use an external source like a NAS and you stream to AppleTVs, iPhones etc. you’ll find that the subtitle is loaded on the device you are streaming to.

Would it be possible to have an option to “Save” the subtitle file in the original source ( NAS for example ) inside the same folder from where you are streaming the file and with the same filename ?
To delete it, considering we already have the option to delete file from the UI you could leverage the same concept.