Save Artwork in iCloud

This was on the roadmap quite a while ago but no longer and I couldn’t find an active post for it. Please add option to save all library artwork into iCloud for syncing/backup purposes.


Yup, the post that originally had it was locked back in 2019 when Infuse went to V6 that had most of the metadata (less the artwork) added to iCloud.

I agree, let’s get this feature so we don’t have to be at the mercy of other sources to reload things.

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I agree it was approved for 6.x but then lost in the sea.
Maybe it’s still somewhere in the roadmap
This shall improve the initial setup

Note the “Planned” tag next to the thread topic above. :wink:

As long as its optionable, Apple ain’t getting more of my $$$ to store 20GB+ worth of artwork for 18k+ Movies en probably about 2500+ series… Would be an utter nightmare for folks if this option isn’t properly explained and cautioned when selected, otherwise someone is going to have to answer questions on the forum all day about why infuse is using all their icloud storage…

Is that what Infuse is showing for your metadata storage now?

Fun fact, I have posters and backgrounds for every single one of my movies + tv series in seperate folders, so I have some kind of idea what it will take with my libraries…

^^ Infuse connected to my Plex, as per AppleTV…

iCloud sync isn’t used for Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin shares. :slight_smile:

I realise that, but based on my usage and library size, some people are going to have a big surprise

There will be a setting as well. :slight_smile:

iCloud Artwork Sync : [Yes] [No] [Surprise Me] :clown_face:


I understand your concern, but a new ATV or iPad setup will be seamless, and now it takes like a few days for a library of your size.
It’s hard to muster that when Netflix takes 5 minutes. Nobody but in this forum understands the process, making it impossible to recommend to average people.

Sadly this just got downgraded to wishlist :cry:

At least it’s still on the big board. I was hoping since I’m at the mercy of a DSL connection and the retrieving of the artwork is painfully slow from the sources. At least the iCloud parts are a bit faster. :man_shrugging:

Maybe the backup to a local NAS will become a possibility. :crossed_fingers:

Do you have any insight of what’s going on?.
I have been waiting for this forever.
Now it’s not on the roadmap…

I disagree, because it will consume too much storage in iCloud. Metadata for a big library can take a few GBs. Free iCloud only comes with 5GB of storage. I need that for other more critical things like 1Password, GoodNotes, Apple Health, Apple Books, etc.

Would be cool if metadata can be stored/synced to NAS and shared with others.

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Still would like to see this. Not sure why it was going to be implemented then abandoned. Biggest bother for me is that artwork is always changing every time i load up infuse.

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While probably not the solution you want to hear, we can at least override TMDB artwork if we store local images with our video files. Saving artwork in the cloud might not help if the voters on TMDB elevate new artwork to the top position, though, and you run a “refresh metadata”.

(I don’t know how often Infuse runs “refresh metadata” without prompting, apart from when the local cache gets wiped out by the AppleTV.)

I’m still hoping for this feature to speed up the setup of new devices. It should be optional so, like @SnowHare mentioned, users on the free 5GB iCloud can avoid their storage clogged.

Setup: My family uses Infuse + Dropbox (tried Jellyfin but so far it’s not as good for us)

The Problem: Fetching the metadata & artwork with a larger library can take a long time and it probably runs into API limits with 3 iPads, 2 iPhones, 3 Macs, & the AppleTV.

Possible Solution: Being able to sync both the metadata & artwork via iCloud. If both isn’t possible, I’d prefer the metadata to alleviate Dropbox issues and the artwork gets downloaded on demand anyway if it isn’t yet downloaded.

I thought this was once on the roadmap but maybe it’s just wishful thinking.