Sapphire not showing all movies only showing 35 out of 56 any way to get it to show all of them?

Update---> Noticed that any movies without info from IMDB don't show up in all movies just in collections.

The movies are on IMDB but Saphire not getting the info for the movie.

Even tried on different AppleTV same problem.

Anyone know why it's not grabbing the info?

I went through my files and renamed any DVD's that were not coming up correctly. Insert the DVD into your computer and try using the name that comes up.

Thanks for the reply Kjl. The file I use are mp4.

I went to IMDB site and copy the name they use but still

not get the info from them. even reset decisions comes up with the IMDB on far right

but no data from them.

If no info it's not put in the movies tab just the in the collections.

These are old westerns Example -->Western Mail (1942) must be something diff with some of there web pages.


any Idee? the same Problem here

No idea what it could be maybe someone else knows why.

Wish could add by hand in cases like this, maybe they will add it to sapphire so we can.