Sapphire very important question

i have a question and i need an answer badly

  • i imported all my movies,covers and metadata in sapphire for my movies on my 500gb external drive and everything is working perfectly, the question is , what if i got another larger drive and i transfered all those movies to it and then connected the new drive to atv - will saphire read the same movies with already imported covers and infos or do i have to REIMPORT everything again?
  • the same question in another way : all movies covers and infos are imported from my external drive, if i copied some of the movies to the internal drive in apple tv, will the atv read those movies with the covers and info imported from the external drive? or do i have to reimport the movies again?

Mine did I. I replaced a 500GB hd with a 1.5GB. I copied over all my movies and TV shows and hooked it back up to the ATV and it read them as it did with the original. All the info and cover art etc was shown as usual.