Sapphire to play Vobs


I really like the Sapphire interface and functionality but does it only work mp4’s. I have some dvd’s with the entire structure vobs, ifo’s etc that I am able to watch in Nitotv but as soon as I try to view them the screen quickly flashes “playing dvd” and then goes back to the menu where I select the movies.

I would rather just have the entire dvd on there than a mp4 just becuase it takes five minutes to rip the dvd.

I looked on the sapphire site and the last mention of vobs said something to the effect that it only worked in beta 5 but we’re on 6 something now so is the functionality to play vobs not there or am I doing something wrong?

I have each dvd in it’s own folder.



Unfortunately Sapphire on the Apple TV does not support DVD files. You will be able to populate info for them, but not play them.

The reference to VOB files working in beta6 is to the Mac version of Sapphire which does support DVD files.