Sapphire not workin on 3.3

After upgrading to 3.3 I can no longer use Sapphire.
When I click on it I just get the “boink” sound and nothing happens.

I went and got and installed it manually. Same thing.

Any ideas? Also in show/hide it will lock up the ATV every time requiring a hard reboot.


Do you have change the sapphire to Beta 6.4 Released

I don’t use aTVFlash but this version of sapphire works fine for me.

Greetz guibaa

Yes, I went and got 6.4 and did a manual install.

Same thing after reboot. Appears on menu, select and then “boink” and nothing happens.

Used to work fine before the 3.3 flash upgrade. I guess I could try an older version to see if it now works.

rbitting- did you try to install an older Sapphire version? How did it work?
I have the same problem and it is very frustrating!! I doubt that this patch was tested before release!

I am also no longer able to access Sapphire. It was working fine after my initial upgrade to 3.3 and now nothing. Every time I try and launch my aTV reboots.

This sucks.

Are you running the latest Apple TV 2.1 software? The aTV Flash includes the latest version of Sapphire (6.4) which only works correctly on the 2.1 software.

You can check the version info in Settings > General > About

I am running the latest aTV 2.1

After the update, everything seemed fine. It is very strange. I am going to try and restore and then do the whole atvFlash process over again I guess. I hope all of these bugs get fixed. I would really just like to get things working correctly and then just enjoy the aTV.

This is a disappointment. I don’t see why it quit working. I’m debating starting over and maybe upgrading at the same time to a 250gb drive.

Could try this too. Looks promising. Hopefully the next version of the ATV flash will have this.