Sapphire not starting anymore


Just upgraded to 3.4.4

Sapphire was working fine until I started to collect the data. I canceled the import of the data and now sapphire is not starting anymore neither playing any movies. If I click into the movies folder I get the message that sapphire is still collecting meta data… Can I stop that so Sapphire is working again?

What I would try is go into the AppleTV via CyberDuck or Fugu and then once you are in the frontrow folder, go to Library > Application Support and delete or rename the Sapphire folder. After that try to relaunch Sapphire and see if it works.

Will do and keep you posted.


Hi Madcran

Everything is working fine again. Thanks :wink:

Same for me
But with no Data Import at all.
Anyway, the proposed workaround is working perfectly.
What is this folder for ?


Any preferences you set with Sapphire, any Import Data, and any other data that needs to be saved to the drive. Hence the name “Application Support.” :wink: