Sapphire not getting TV cover art


I am trying to use Sapphire and it seems cool. I had it scan my directories and it seems to have picked up my TV shows because it asked me which ones they are. It got all the metadata about the actors, dates, genre, etc… but its throwing up this colored bars “off air” graphic instead of the correct cover art for that tv season. Movie cover art and metadata work fine. Is there something I can do to fix this? Help?

PS: The TV shows are coming up in TVRage fine, and they are named Show.Name.SXXEYY.avi (where XX is the season number and YY is the episode number). Thanks

Same problem here. I would love a resolution for this. It was working fine until I upgraded to the latest ATV release a few weeks ago and reinstalled ATV Flash.

I’m having the same problem. The images use to be there but not anymore! I’d really appreciate it if someone had an answer


same problem with me.
There are no art cover after updating …
Someone with help?

Not working for me either…

Where are the cover art files stored, I can just edit them via ftp

The files are stored in Library/Application Support/Sapphire

If I want Sapphire to forget about previous collections, should I delete these files? I am having huge problems trying to get Sapphire to forget about previous collection on an old scratch volume that crashed. Every time I try to delete the old collection via the menu, it crashes hard! I have to power off and power on the ATV! Come on - fix it!

The following page helped me resolve this issue, however I had to manually add the cover art to the relevant directory