Sapphire not getting file data


Since applying the 3.5.4 update to my Apple TV Sapphire hasn’t been able to find information for my new films and TV shows I’ve added? When I go to import data it will skip past files that have been newly added without asking for confirmation of the title etc. which means that they then don’t show up in the Movies or TV Shows sections. I also hangs on some files when trying to import the info, such as an episode from season 1 of the West Wing, and for some reason now tries to add date to my ‘Films’ directory which has never happened before???

If there isn’t a simple fix for this, how can I roll back to aTV 3.4.5 as that worked perfectly?


The only way to roll back to a previous aTV Flash is to restore the Apple TV as well as you have to have the USB drive with 3.4.5 on it. You can not use an older installer application on your Mac or PC once a new version is released. As for the Sapphire problems:

Cheers for the info and thread link. Any idea when the Sapphire fix will happen - the last message was Sept '08?

I really think aTV should make it possible to roll back to earlier versions if you hit problems. My setup was working perfectly but now it’s broken and frankly annoying after the update!